Your s s c farewell day

Select Page Farewell Speech for Colleague We have provided here variety of farewell speech for colleagues leaving the place, position or person. These colleague farewell speech can be given by any student, teacher or person working at any position in the offices or institutes to their colleagues leaving them.

Your s s c farewell day

To get ideas on what to say or write, here is a short sample you can refer to. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. First recognize the presence of important person in the audience and then the graduating students.

For example, it can be something like this: I am honored and pleased to welcome you all to this colorful ceremony.

Today, we are all here to bid farewell to our 12th grade students who are leaving the college.

Your s s c farewell day

Recall old memories, i mean old memories shared together with the students, and try to put them on paper. However, remember to keep them brief and precise when putting words down. Write down some success stories that happened during their stay in the school.

Also, mention how the college had better prepared them to overcome challenges that they are likely to face in the next face of their journey. You can add humor as an important part in the speech if you wish to. Also, note some of your experiences as a teacher, relating them to the outstanding performance of the students leaving.

Here, you need to summarize all your important points. It's perfectly okay to share some inspirational thoughts with the outgoing students. And wish them all the best in future endeavors.

Keep it brief, precise and avoid any form of abusive words that could dull the message you are trying to convey. Look for the right words to make the send-off party colorful and that which will grab your audience attention. Sample Speech Good morning respected principal, vice principal, colleagues, families and friends, students and my dear outgoing 12th class students.

I am honored and pleased to deliver this farewell speech. Today, 1st of July, is a day of joy, particularly for the graduating students and their parents. We are all here to bid farewell to our students who are leaving this college after successful completion of their 12th year in the college.

I welcome you all to this colorful ceremony. My dear 12th class students, despite some hard tasks, sadness and grief that you have encountered in the course of your studies in the college, at the end of it all, you completed this part of journey with great achievements and beautiful memories.

Being tough with you at times does not mean that we hate your set, but to prepare you for a greater challenge ahead, and to nurture you to build a strong foundation for your next level. Under our guidance, you have attained this impressive milestone in your life with great honor and integrity.

Today, I am honored to say, we are proud of your many achievements over the years, your various accomplishments in almost all curriculum and extra curriculum activities. Your brilliant achievements in academic discourse and in sports are indeed acknowledged.

Your sweet memories will forever remain in our hearts. I and my fellow colleagues wish to thank you for the uncommon zeal you have demonstrated towards your studies, in your relationship with the teachers, management, the junior students, and even among yourselves. In the history of this great college, we have witnessed and recorded cases of school bullying, violence and all sort of unwholesome activities that emanated as a result of unrighteous actions of some of our students.When it’s time to say goodbye.

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Well, I ask you, how impractical can you get? Three Versions of Lincoln's Farewell Address One of Abraham Lincoln's most beloved short speeches, the extemporaneous Farewell Address was given on February 11, , the day he .

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Let’s celebrate this day with an emotion that today we will be meeting others for the last time. But this won’t dismay you.

Every strong good-bye follows with a charming “Hello”! With a whole round of applause, let’s inaugurate the ceremony of your lifetime “Farewell ”.

Colleague Farewell Speech

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Naval Academy. You can select any of the given farewell speeches for your colleagues according to need to speech on the farewell party. Colleague Farewell Speech Independence Day Speech for Principal. July 25, Speech on Mahatma Gandhi.

July 16, Speech on Money.

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