Victor frankenstein s weaknesses

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Victor frankenstein s weaknesses

Victor Frankenstein described the monster with evil, murderer, destroyer Is there a monster in Frankenstein? But, I must first define "Monster" as some creature that is both un-natural and inhuman or sub-human or super-human.

We can see in the creation of Dr.

Victor frankenstein s weaknesses

Frankenstein, a cre…ature that posses supernatural un-natural traits in that it is recreated by a man from dead or decaying tissue. It seems, according to the original story and the movies that define it, to be immune to the cessation of thought driven animation - what we would describe as death.

Thus, it survives in an un-natural state. It also appears to have no redeeming human morals. It easily reverts to violence, murdering several people, both deliberately and accidentally and seems to show little remorse.

It also seems to have demonstrated some "feeling" for the son of Dr. Frankenstein in "Son of Frankenstein" when it plans to murder the little boy in revenge for Dr.

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Frankenstein murdering Ygor, the "Monster's" trusted friend. Yet, when the Monster had the chance to throw the little boy into the pit of boiling sulfur, he hesitates and also, when confronted by the Inspector, the Monster placed the little boy down, out of harm's way while being shot at by the Inspector.

Thus, we can say, although it was indeed an inhuman creature, it did have some human feelings. Yet, he is driven by his ambitions to violate some of humanities most sacred limitations.

This is abject blasphemy. Yet, the Doctor is so blinded by his ambition, he is restrained by no level of moralistic values. Thus, mentally, we see him evolving into a sort of inner monster; a man who devolves his thought processes to justify any act, and allowing him to remove himself from all civilized rules of behavior.

He easily accepts the basis for his actions, "The ends will justify the means. He feels completely justified by this much higher goal.

This leads us to realize the Dr. Although, later in the stories, Dr.Weaknesses. The stories of Dorian Gray and of Victor Frankenstein are not sufficiently integrated into the main story of Dracula (variously referred to as The Master and The Creature) In fact, Frankenstein and his creations are mostly shoved to the background, .

Victor Stone was a high school athlete at odds with his brilliant scientist father Silas Stone. Vic was caught in an explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs when a nearby Father Box detonated.

His father saved his life by using experimental technology to turn him into a cyborg in the Red Room.

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Dr. Stone. In the novel, the character Victor Frankenstein is very secretive about his creation. However, in the film, he confides in several people. MPAJ Swot analysis is an analytical method which is used to identify and categorise significant internal strength and weaknesses and external sucha s opportunities and threats factors faced either in a.

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