Understanding what an enlightened person is and how one becomes enlightened

There are guides and even check-lists circulating the internet, that you can use conveniently and to your advantage, to compare yourself against. All you need to do is tick the boxes.

Understanding what an enlightened person is and how one becomes enlightened

One should also receive the practice instruction Tib. There is not, in fact, an abhidharma section within the Tibetan collection of the Buddhist teachings.

Similar to a geshe scholar afflicted consciousness Tib. As used here it has two aspects: See kleshas aggregates, five Skt. First is form which includes all sounds, smells, etc.

The second and third are sensations pleasant and unpleasant, etc. Fourth is mental events which actually include the second and third aggregates. The fifth is ordinary consciousness such as the sensory and mental consciousnesses. Amitabha One of the five buddha family deities known as "buddha of boundless light" Usually depicted as red.

Then there is contemplation of this Dharma which is analytical insight which is done by placing the mind in shhamatha and putting the mind one-pointedly on these concepts. Third, there is actual meditation which is free from concept.

It contains the Guhyasamaja, the Chakrasamvara, the Hevajra, and the Kalachakra tantras. They are the fully realized shravakas and pratyekabuddhas. This person has achieved the third path of insight of the five paths.

Aryadeva The closest pupil of Nagarjuna who became his heir. He was born in Sri Lamba and wrote the Catuhshakate and shastra. Also brother of Vasubhandu. They are being human, being born in a Buddhist place, having sound senses, being free from extreme evil, having faith in the dharma, a buddha having appeared, a buddha having taught, the flourishing of his teachings, people following the teachings, and having compassion towards others.

Was a Buddhist scholar at Vikramashila University in India and came to Tibet at the invitation of the King to overcome the damage done by Langdarma.

He helped found the Kadam tradition. Chenrezig Deity of compassion. They make up the eighteen constituents for perception. Literally, bardo means "between the two. Also called the bodhisattva levels. Usually comprised of ten levels in the sUtra tradition and thirteen in the tantra tradition.

There are two kinds of bodhicitta: Also an individual who has committed him or herself to the mahayana path of compassion and the practice of the six paramitas to achieve Buddhahood to free all beings from samsara. More specifically, those with a motivation to achieve liberation from samsara and are on one of the ten bodhisattva levels that culminates in Buddhahood.

These consist of ten levels in the sutra tradition and thirteen in the tantra tradition. This is the religion of Tibet before Buddhism was introduced. The religion is still practiced in Tibet. It is often called the essence of Buddhahood or enlightened essence. This is a king who propagates the dharma and starts a new era.

Chandrakirti A seventh century Indian Buddhist scholar of the Madhyamaka school who is best known for founding the Prasangika subschool and writing two treatises on emptiness using logical reasoning.

Caryatantra The second of the four tantras emphasizing meditation and external rituals. Charvakas A philosophical school in India which reject the sacred scriptures and vedas, the belief in reincarnation and karma, and therefore advocated hedonism and doing whatever one wants in self-interest.

A Tibetan beer made from barley. Avalokiteshvara Deity of compassion. It is one of the four major schools in the mahayana tradition and its main tenet to greatly simplify is that all phenomena are mental events.

The mo chod female chod practice was founded by the famous female saint Machig Labdron to C. The nature of mind is that it is empty of inherent existence, but the mind is not just voidness, completely empty because it has this clarity which is awareness or the knowing of mind.

So clarity is a characteristic of emptiness shunyata of mind. This feeling can only be developed with extensive meditation and understanding of the Buddhist path. The completion stage is a method of trantric meditation in which one attains bliss, clarity, and non-thought by means of the subtle channels and energies within the body.The shortest and the most correct answer to the question of how to become enlightened is there is no one and nothing to achieve.

When the understanding completely comes to you, the question is removed as well as the rest of life illusions. The Pros & Cons of LGATs — Large Group Awareness Trainings.

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Edit Article How to Understand and Develop Insight. Three Parts: Developing the Foundations Developing a Practice Gaining Benefits Community Q&A Insight as a means to develop understanding features strongly in a range of Eastern and Western philosophies as well as the arts and sciences.

Enlightenment is to understand and realized the real life. It is totally against the material life. So the enlightened person can live a happy life than non- enlightened.

Understanding what an enlightened person is and how one becomes enlightened

The enlightened person would lose three things - Ego, ignorance and illusion - which are the causes of all troubles in our life.

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