The fraser river gold rush of

Barkerville Essays History of Barkerville Inword of the discovery of gold on the Fraser River reached the outside world and resulted in an influx of gold seekers from all corners of the globe. General view of Barkerville As the gold in the gravel bars of the lower Fraser declined, prospectors followed the river north, eventually reaching the rich gold-bearing creeks of the Cariboo. At first, most of the mining activity was confined to the portion of the creek above the canyon where gold was found at a shallow depth. Amid the clutter of flumes and sluice boxes, the town of Richfield sprang up in

The fraser river gold rush of

The chain of events that led to influx of thousands of miners to the Fraser River to mine gold is debatable. Even before gold was discovered in the Fraser River, miners were trickling into New Caledonia, the name given by the British to the province before it was called British Columbia, as early as Most of these miners made their way up to the Queen Charlotte Islands where the first gold in the province was discovered.

In fact, news of early gold strikes was often quelled. This way, the knowledge of any gold surfacing in the region was hidden from the outside world. News of gold in the region broke when James Douglas, the sole authority on the West Coast and governor of HBC, shipped a consignment of gold to the mint in San Francisco on April 3, Inmore than 30, gold-seekers trekked first to Victoria before inundating the banks of the Fraser River between Hope and Lillooet in search of gold.

Anyone entering the colony had to do so through Fort Victoria. Miners were required to obtain a mining license, though many made their way to the goldfields of the Fraser River via overland routes such as the Okanagan and Whatcom Trails.

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The removal of any gold from within the newly established colony without a license resulted in civil and criminal prosecution. Police were hired and circuit judges placed in mining communities to maintain law and order.

Realizing its value, they mined it and used it in the trading of supplies with the British. Around or a prospector by the name of James Huston discovered gold close to Fort Kamloops.

Haack William Lawrence: Juneau Coroner's Inquest 19 Coroner's Inquests OS 70 Probate Case Files 47 51 (Ref): Haaf Albert: Unga Estate Probate Case Files 8 (Ref): Haaglan Jesse. Shop Australian Native Plants online for a wide selection of plants, seeds, and books. Gold Rush - British Columbia There were several gold finds in British Columbia in the s, but the largest and most important discoveries were made in the sand bars along the Fraser River. When the first consignment of Fraser River gold reached San Francisco on April 3, , the Fraser River Gold Rush was on.

When news of gold strikes in the Fraser River reached miners in California, Yale quickly evolved from a fur-trading outpost to a mining town with a population of to people. Yale even had a Chinatown to accommodate the growing population of Chinese miners and merchants arriving to the area.

Fraser River Gold Rush - The Gold Rush Town of Yale

It was characteristic of Chinese immigrants to rework existing diggings left behind by others miners in a gold rush. During for example, many Chinese and First Nations miners reworked sites abandoned by other miners who had come to the Fraser River area in Most mining was carried out using the practice of sluicing.

While most of the most reachable gold had been picked clean, Chinese and First Nations miners stayed behind on the bars and beaches of the Fraser River to search for additional gold. By there were about 4, Chinese people living in the colony. By close to the end of the Cariboo Gold Rushthe number of Chinese in the province had dropped to 1, By most of the free gold in the sand bars of the Fraser River had been cleaned out.

Many miners returned back to the United States or pushed further into the British Columbia wilderness in search of new gold-prospecting opportunities.Redemption: A Story of the Oregon Trail & the Fraser River Gold Rush [Yvonne Harris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

In this sweeping saga, Yvonne Harris tells the poignant stories of Robert and Alice, two young people who join the wagon train to cross North America on their way to the West Coast. Seeking a better life.

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The fraser river gold rush of

Unlike the Cariboo Gold Rush (), which attracted many Canadians, the Fraser Rush was an extension of California mining society. Yale, formerly a Hudson's Bay Co post, was quickly transformed into a cultural centre typical of s San Francisco.

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Fraser River Gold Rush. In at least 30 gold seekers flooded the banks of the Fraser River from Hope to just north of Lillooet in British Columbia's first significant gold rush. Although short in duration, the Fraser Rush had a significant impact on the area's Aboriginal peoples.

Haack William Lawrence: Juneau Coroner's Inquest 19 Coroner's Inquests OS 70 Probate Case Files 47 51 (Ref): Haaf Albert: Unga Estate Probate Case Files 8 (Ref): Haaglan Jesse. The Fraser River Gold Rush of was British Columbia’s first gold rush. Many also view it as an extension of the California Gold Rush of By the late s placer mining of free gold was replaced with capital-intensive hydraulic mining in California.

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