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SHARE Although studying creativity is considered a legitimate scientific discipline nowadays, it is still a very young one.

Monster resume writing service login

So far, I think it does. Casting feels spot-on, the characters are enjoyable, and the show gives the rom-com genre a few tweaks, coming up with a vibe that feels interesting and fresh.

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Monster resume writing service login

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Cheese in the Trap: Episode 1 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Seol has taken the past year off from school to earn money, and Bora welcomes her back to the fold and introduces her to a male student she calls Underling his name is EUN-TAEK, played by Nam Joo-hyuk.

Cringing all the while, she attempts to eat it while Bossy Sunbae pours liquor into her mouth, but finally she has to spit the whole mess out—rice, lettuce, dribbly hot sauce—just as a tall, good-looking student arrives. Not the most auspicious meeting. Seol thinks Jung looks cold, but Bora admires his handsome perfection and predicts that the other girls will go out of their way flirting with him.

He apologizes, but Seol narrows her eyes, thinking the spill looked deliberate—and catches the tiny smirk on his face that goes unnoticed by everyone else. Then he looks up and their eyes meet.

Monster resume writing service login

She wonders what his deal is. That was the beginning.

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Jung arrives in the hallway as she says there was someone else there too, and Jung steps in with friendly words to placate his buddy. After Sang-chul storms off, Jung tells Seol he understands why she had to report it.

Scoffing, Seol asks if he really thinks she did it, reminding him that he was there too. Instead he talks to her in full nice mode and gives her the juice he just bought, saying she drinks too much coffee.

I really enjoy how coming from him, an act of kindness is a cause for panic. That was when lovestruck Joo-yeon started to torment her, Seol narrates. So Eun-taek takes it upon himself to create a diversion, approaching the lectern and grabbing the class roster before bolting out, sending the assistant professor chasing him through the halls.

Safely in her seat, Seol notices Jung sitting a few rows ahead. Seol has been granted a full scholarship for the term.

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She mulls it over and over, wondering how it could have happened. This news confuses Seol all over again: Jung was the reason she suffered all last year and nearly left school, but now Jung is the reason she can keep going?

On the other side of the library glass, Jung watches their conversation with a cryptic smile. Some people call it interesting, other people call it stalking… Seol recalls seeing him in the library around the time when she supposedly canceled her class selection, and starts to suspect him of being the culprit.

He follows her out after class and asks her to dinner, which she hastily declines. Jung goes to the department office to inquire into the case, and asks for a favor. And when he gives the shake to her, the gesture fills her with dread rather than pleasure, making her wonder what he means by it.

She was at the library that day, and saw Jung lingering around the computer after Seol had left. She decides to look at CCTV footage from that day, and starts to head off just as Jung finds her there. He asks point-blank whether she suspects him, and suggests that they go together to look at the security footage.

And yet, Jung goes directly to the security office without her, leaving Seol waiting for a while before she decides to go without him. Bora concocts a sob story involving a dead father and a lost wallet to convince the guard to let them see the footage, which succeeds in getting them access to the archives.

The friends scan the library videos to locate the conversation between Seol and Jung from that day. But to her surprise, he leaves after a moment, without touching anything.

The security guard cuts their session short before they can see what happened next—which is how they miss seeing the arrival of sunbae Sang-chul on the scene. Ah, but Jung has figured things out for himself and confronts Sang-chul that night, asking why he did it. He was desperate, he swears. Which is how he ended up stuck with Kang Witch again.

He asks her out to dinner, but she blurts out a hasty refusal and runs off. Hm, does he actually look disappointed?Whether you're looking to change careers or simply want to know what interview questions to prepare for, this is the place for career advice and tips. Cheese in the Trap: Episode 1 by javabeans.

Initial thoughts: I like it. I wasn’t sure I would, given the excessive buzz and weighty expectations, which always seemed to me to be overblown, although maybe that’s because I wasn’t part of the webtoon’s fervent fanbase.

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