Lil wayne the best rapper alive essay

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Lil wayne the best rapper alive essay

He grew up in the Holygrove neighborhood, which is located in uptown New Orleans, Louisiana.

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He started writing lyrics at eight years old. Lil Wayne was born, and at 15 he collaborated with young rappers known as: BG, Juvenile, and Turk. Since then, Lil Wayne has released 6 solo albums and hundreds of tracks. Before The Carter, Lil Wayne released three solo albums: The Carter sold over a million records and was featured at number five on the Billboard Hot chart.

Since the release of The Carter, Lil Wayne has been out to prove that he is in fact the best rapper alive.

Lil wayne the best rapper alive essay

In the recent years, Lil Weezy has released many platinum records, gaining him international recognition. Though a bit biased, his statistics are showing that this inevitably may soon be true. One of the most dominant factors in his success has to be his record sales. Currently, Lil Wayne has sold over 6 million records throughout his career.

After the platinum sales of The Carter, he went on to sell 2. The Carter 3 sold over a million records just in its first week.


Lil Wayne has also released more than 1, tracks in the last two years, putting him at 1 for the amount of music released by a hip hop artist. Also, Wayne has received numerous awards and has been nominated for many more.

He is, in fact, one of the few hip hop artists to be nominated for a Grammy. Though New Orleans hip hop is not yet in the history books, many believe that it will take credit for one of the most powerful lyricists of all time. At number one is Jay-Z, one of the oldest and most successful artists in the industry Lil Wayne was at number one in and number three in Though Lil Wayne is controversial and rebellious, the fact remains that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

His newest album, The Rebirth, is planned to be an all rock album, somewhat shocking fans but also pushing hip hop to new heights. It is safe to say that hip hop has gone further than most people ever thought it would and Lil Wayne may indeed one day be known as the best rapper alive.Lil Wayne is the worst rapper ever.

Lil wayne the best rapper alive essay

He sounds like he has a sore throat. Lil Wayne has been big because of white middle class suburban people who don't know real rap. He is also the biggest liar in rap history. Out of all the rappers who have rapped about stuff they have never come close to doing, Lil Wayne is . @onemanband Hmm I could see how someone could be the greatest rapper, and rapper only, of all time and make nothing but crap albums.

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