I am a train

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I am a train

Not as helpful Hello Lauren, I would have to agree with birdog12 - the trip to Kalambaka is most likely not worth the effort based on my assumption of why you are going.

It is km miles from Athens.

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But the airport is on the East side of Athens, and is km miles. Tdoumas is correct that it is a nice drive.

I am a train

Google maps predicts a drive time of 5 hours and 22 minutes. Assuming you rent a car in Kalambaka and Google Maps is correct, you should leave there around 2 PM to reach the airport at 7: That would mean you would only have a short time to visit Meteora and the monasteries on Monday morning.

Depending on the day, visitors to Meteora can make parking difficult near the monasteries. If you leave early, you could see a couple of the major sites in the approximately 5 hours you would have Monday morning before leaving for Athens.

You do not indicate the nature of your visit, nor the amount of time you want to spend in Kalambaka, so perhaps driving back does give you enough time to meet your needs. It is a good drive, since the roads are good, but there was some construction and a detour along E75 north of Athens when I traveled it last year I suggest checking on any construction issues before leaving.

If you are visiting to enjoy the monasteries, you'll likely feel a little stressed since they are so spectacular that you'll wind up wanting to spend more time.

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Be sure that 1 you have plenty of camera memory free, and 2 that you dress appropriately to meet the strict monastery dress codes, especially for women. Without knowing your goals, it is difficult to suggest alternative itineraries that would reduce travel time in exchange for sightseeing.

The Athens area certainly has a lot to offer in that regard for the Monday you are there. You will also enjoy Santorini.

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If this is the only chance you'll have to see the monasteries, then yes, I would agree it might be worth the effort. Just leave early and don't expect you'll have time to see all that you want.I Am 歌詞, Train 歌詞, Train I Am 歌詞, I Am 歌詞.

I never been on a railroad, as many times as they pass me by I never crashed in the desert or seen a rodeo. Use the Trainline journey planner to plan and book your next trip or check our train timetables to ensure you catch your chosen train on the day of travel. Our handy ticket alert tool can also be used to notify you when advance tickets become available, so you can plan your train travel well in advance.

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I am a train

Could you, would you, on a train? Not on a train! Not in a tree! Not in a.

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