Group discussion of co education

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Group discussion of co education

Oct 12, Greeting to all. Our topic is about the co-education, in ancient, Greece was the only place where the co-education was given.

But as time passed this education had spread and many countries accept this. Sometimes girls and boys hesitate to talk and to do a work together. It helps to remove the fear or opposite gender and remove hesitation from each other.

Group discussion of co education

Oct 8, I must say there are only advantages of Co-education, not any disadvantage. In schools, we go to learn. And Co-education provides the best environment for learning.

See, in the real world, we have to deal with every gender. At our workplace, infact in our family, we have to live with our partner which is of course of opposite gender. So for a better living and better country Co-education is must. It teaches us respecting the opposite gender. It helps us in understanding the opposite gender.

It promotes the sense of Gender Equality in one. So for being a good citizen for the society Co-Education is must. Oct 7, Hai. This is JK, I will Glade to discuss this topic, Co-education is not better because some boys are irritating the girls so they are hurt and also the boys and girls are getting in love so the education can be disturbed because it's is not better.

The nature of some boys is fully involved in the love affair with the girls. It disturbs class when you study. Sep 21, Co-education is very good and vital to be important for both girls and boys to interact with each other easily without any hesitation.

Some girls and boys are timid and cowardice to talk with each other but Co-education is the way which will create equality without any discrimination.

Group discussion of co education

Sep 21, Hi everyone I am Archana. I am very glad to discuss about the topic coeducation, this type of education will be useful for girls more than boys because girls can develop their mind as sharp as boys think, and also they will get a courage to take decisions and boldness to talk to boys.

But we should provide this coeducation to students only with strict rules and a dignified uniform. Then only their mind will not deviate to other stuff than studies.

Sep 18, According to me, coeducation is important to us.Great Decisions discussion groups are meeting all across the United States. It's easy to start or find a group in your area.

To start a group, simply follow the steps below. Co-education is the good way of teaching, without the co-education we can't learn any thing.

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Nowadays the main life start from here and that is good thing according to my opinion because the girls and boys understand their who is better for my life. New Issue of the Open Access International Journal of Particle Therapy Published Summer GAINESVILLE, FL – The Particle Therapy Cooperative Group (PTCOG) is pleased to announce Issue 2 of Volume 4 of its open-access journal, the International Journal of Particle Therapy (IJPT).

The IJPT is released quarterly and provide a venue for discussion of all issues related to particle therapy. Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations. Pranjal Singh said: (Nov 13, ): In my opinion, co-education is a way to remove the gender inequality between boys and girls.

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Through co-education, both girls and boys can overcome their hesitation of communication with inter-gender so that's why co-education have a greater advantage than their disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-education in Colleges Home / GD Topics By co-education we mean the participation of students of both the sexes in the learning process.

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