Gender inequality in the elizabethan era

It was a male dominated society Elizabethan women had little or no control at all over their destinies.

Gender inequality in the elizabethan era

Although there are a larger variety of jobs and characteristics both men and women can possess in these modern times, gender inequality thrived in the Elizabethan era. Women in general are given a lot of power in the play, such as being able to control things like their own destinies.

From the first Act of the play, the three witches immediately create the impression of horror, evil and violence.

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Everything that the witches do implies otherworldly power and a sense of inescapable and enchanting evil. The power of the witches is shown through their ability to manipulate people.

Macbeth, unlike Banquo, is easily manipulated by the witches, leading to the spree of tragedies occurring to him. Further on in the play, Macbeth came running back to the witches seeking assurance and guidance, asking them to control his destiny or speak into his life.

In this case, Macbeth is controlled by the witches, further enhancing the idea of role reversal. By twisting the stereotypes that females possess, the play challenges the naturalised notion of weakness and reliance on others. Although the Three Witches are shown to be masculine in their power to control people, they cannot even compare to the power that Lady Macbeth holds.

Lady Macbeth has a very ambitious mindset, with the single determination to assist Macbeth to become king. She shows a very strong sense of courage even before she removes her femininity.

Gender inequality in the elizabethan era

Gall on the other hand is poisonous and is a substance for digestion and decomposition. Being the dominant partner of the relationship, the play challenges the naturalised notions of males being the leader of families or couples.

Apart from the unusual female characterisation of Lady Macbeth and The Three Witches, the main character himself, Macbeth, is portrayed to show very feminine like characteristics. The relationship between Macbeth and his wife can be seen as role reversal, as though Macbeth was the women in the marriage.

With the lack of masculine characteristics, it easily allows him to be manipulated and controlled by people, leading to his great downfall.

Masculinity is defined in the play mainly by ambition and the power the individual possesses. Macbeth definitely awestruck many of the people during the Elizabethan Era, portraying female characters to be masculine and males to possess feminine characteristics.

Even in our modern times, the play challenges the naturalised notions of genders, having brave and dominant women together with kind hearted and easily manipulated men.The third social hierarchy is gender oppression, which is instituted through gender norms society has adopted.

In some cultures today, gender norms suggest that masculinity and femininity are opposite genders, however it is an unequal binary pair, with masculinity being dominant and .

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Gender Differences in Elizabethan England Women in Elizabethan England Role of Men - Men were given all the power during the Elizabethan Renaissance. The Elizabethan era refers to Queen Elizabeth I's reign of England.

Although Elizabeth had power, life was different for most women at the time. Gender roles .

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Social Inequality During the Elizabethan Era wealth wages were 50% higher in London than in the rest of the country. In late 16th and early 17th centuries, England was at peace. This meant for prosperity.

Wealth was spent on leisurely activities Very little social mobility, people were encouraged to .

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Oct 03,  · (This is a project for school) This video explains gender equality seen in the play othello.

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