Feasibility study starting a cooking school

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Feasibility study starting a cooking school

There is a paucity of interventions with the aim of obesity prevention in preschool-age children in the UK. Previous research has demonstrated some positive results in changing specific health behaviours, however, positive trends in overall obesity rates are lacking.

Preschool settings may provide valuable opportunities to access children and their families not only for promoting healthy lifestyles, but also to develop and evaluate behaviour-change interventions.


This paper presents a cluster randomised feasibility study of a theory based behaviour-change preschool practitioner-led intervention tested in four preschool centres in the North East of England. The primary outcome measures were to test the acceptability and feasibility of the data collection measures and intervention.

Feasibility study starting a cooking school

Secondary measures were collected and reported for extra information. Preschool activities included increasing physical activity and providing activities with the potential to change behaviour with increased knowledge of and acceptance of healthy eating.

The process evaluation was an on-going monthly process and was collected in multiple forms such as questionnaires, photographs and verbal feedback.

However, at intervention end the preschool teachers and parents stated they found most intervention methods and activities acceptable, and some positive changes in family health behaviours were reported. However, the preschool centres appeared to have difficulties with enforcing everyday school healthy eating policies.


The findings from the current study may have implications for nursery practitioners, nursery settings, Local Educational Authorities and policy makers, and contributes to the body of literature.

However, further work with preschool practitioners is required to determine how personal attitudes and school policy application can be supported to implement successfully such an intervention. BMC Public Health Globally, in the number of overweight children under the age of five, was estimated to be over 42 million [2] Overweight 2- to 5 year-olds are at least four times more likely to become overweight adults [3] and disadvantaged members of the population may be more vulnerable to societal effects which may lead to obesity [4].

The development of childhood obesity is multifaceted as demonstrated by the Foresight obesity segmented map for children [5]. Long- term health risks of overweight and obesity include: A number of influential independent reviews commissioned by the UK government have highlighted the importance of early intervention and support for families with young children [10—14].

As part of a UK government strategy in an attempt to reverse the obesity trend, a Public Service Agreement PSA aiming to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people was established [15]. This aims to reduce the percentage of obese and overweight children to the year levels by [16].

The UK has become the highest spender on early years services preschool —before formal education in Europe [17]. It follows then, that preschool settings may provide valuable opportunities to access children and their families not only for promoting healthy lifestyles, but also to develop and evaluate behaviour-change interventions [20, 21].

The World Health Organisation WHO Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity reported that progress in tackling childhood obesity had been slow and inconsistent and the preschool years have been highlighted as a critical period for obesity prevention [22].

Therefore, an intervention with the aim of preventing obesity and improving family lifestyle choices which builds on these guidelines should be within the remit of a preschool setting [25].

However, curriculum-based in- terventions rely on the motivation, training of staff and on their ability to deliver the programme [26]. There is a paucity of interventions targeting children in preschool settings in the UK and component descriptions are limited.

Reviews of interventions to prevent obesity in preschool children suggest that behaviours thought to con- tribute to obesity such as sedentary behaviour may be positively influenced in preschool settings and that there was great scope for improving physical activity [27, 28].Background Around a fifth of children starting school in England are now overweight/obese.

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There is a paucity of interventions with the aim of obesity prevention in preschool-age children in the UK. Small-Scale Palm Oil Processing Business in Nigeria; A Feasibility Study Elijah I. Ohimain 1*, Cletus I. Emeti 2, about two liters of palm oil are consumed weekly for cooking (Ekine and Onu, ).

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Feasibility study starting a cooking school

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Feasibility Study for Starting a School