Ethical report of bp

It was brought about by a gas leak and an explosion in the oil rig, after which hydrocarbons leaked into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days before it was sealed. A total of 11 people died, and hundreds of families and wildlife were affected BP, There are several ethical issues surrounding this, and these shall be discussed in this paper. The BP oil company has refused independent scientists access to the oil spill in order to accurately measure the rate at which the oil spill is still leaking.

Ethical report of bp

BP plc is one of the largest Oil and Alternative Energy companies in the world. It has set confident and meaningful targets with regard to reducing its CO2 emissions and development of alternative sources of energy such as solar power. It is necessary to established whether ethical decisions and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR are based upon intentions, goals, outcomes; or, a mixture of each.

Building Measurable Sustainable Growth

Economic, Legal, Ethical, and Philanthropic. These factors are demonstrated by the management in decisions, policies and actions. Therefore, can it be argued that Ethical report of bp is an ethical company? Or can it be seen that these actions are simply the mask of an organisation whose only responsibility is to its shareholders and top management?

The Alaskan oil spills, Texas City refinery fire, treatment of Colombian farmers and the explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Decisions were made, which ultimately lead to destructive consequences for many stakeholder groups.

The complex ethical dilemmas facing BP are thus: Crane and Matten provide the definition: Therefore, it could be argued that BP should: The results could provide a benefit for a great number of people over time. Adopting this view, FDI host nations, customers and shareholders would benefit most, leading to greater levels of investment and higher revenues.

Case Study: BP Oil Spill

Thus, more investment can be made by BP to developing alternative energy sources creating a more sustainable future. So exploitation of, and accidents regarding, small numbers of employees, the environment, and local communities can all be seen as blips, even calculated casualties, in the pursuit of a better world.

Ethical report of bp

Hence, Utilitarianism can be seen as a cost-benefit analysis to decision making. Arguably, some suffering is acceptable if the pursuit of a more sustainable environment is the intended aim of the organisation.

However, environmental destruction and human deaths would widely be considered unethical. However, small reductions in emissions cannot counteract the exploitation of key stakeholders.

Thus, ethical decisions are analysed on motivation, not intended outcome. Kantian theory suggests that humans are rational, moral thinkers, with the propensity to act subjectively towards ethical dilemmas. Applying this to BP, suggests that those who are in charge of safety should ensure that their job has been completed thoroughly.This report will include one of the recent ethical problems, Deepwater Horizon oil spill and a few case studies.

Nature of the accident and decisions taken by parties involved will be analyzed and discussed according to the relevant ethical principles. In this project, several theory of ethics will.

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In this ethics report, we will study one of the world’s leading international oil company – BP, who operates in nearly 80 countries. We will particularly discuss ethical issues raised by BP in oil industry in the United States (US) between and BP is one of the world's leading integrated oil and gas companies.

We provide customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, lubricants to keep engines moving, and the petrochemicals products used to make everyday items as diverse as paints, clothes and packaging.

The focus of this report will be to perform an audit of Beyond Petroleum’s ethical practices. This report will identify three main breaches of ethics, explain why they are unethical and make recommendations of what could be done to rectify the issues identified.

For a broad overview, check out reporting from ProPublica on years of internal BP incident probes, a New York Times timeline, this McClatchy article on BP's record of legal and ethical violations.

BP is appealing that fine, but BP’s legal and ethical problems go back much further. In Alaska, BP first brought unwelcome attention to itself more than 20 years ago in the aftermath of the.

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