Business plan competition nyc mta

Ozone Park-Lefferts Blvd 20 min: While these routes are slower and more expensive than taking the subway, they do offer a ride on cloth seats without the crowding. Ask where the bus stops are located.

Business plan competition nyc mta

Mar 11 By Benjamin Kabak Which genius came up with the idea of awarding this plan money? The Genius Competition has taken up time and money, and a lot of the oxygen in the room, as Cuomo has tried to bill it as the thing that will prove people are thinking hard about how to fix the MTA.

On Friday, the winners were revealed.

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Some of them — an ultra wideband wireless system for signal technology, for instance — the MTA had already been exploring.

On closer examination, Avedisian is proposing an extremely customer unfriendly idea that would involve a third of his longer subway trains not platforming at every other station. Avedisian wrote a page application in support of his idea.

Drawing the wrong sort of inspiration from London, Avedisian proposes adding cars to every subway train so that more passengers can fit on one train, but only some cars will open their doors at a station.

He has designed an A-B system where cars will open their doors at A stations and cars will open their doors at B stations. In practice, as we can see with Amtrak and other commuter rail services, including those serving London, it increases dwell times to levels unsustainable for a rapid transit network.

On a technical level, the plan ignores the costs associated with procuring enough cars for every train to be 40 percent longer or with adjusting the length of MTA signal blocks to accommodate longer trains. Ultimately, Avedisian beat the MTA and its own game. But the MTA seems to be taking this whole thing seriously.

And officially, the MTA is going to consider this proposal, though it sounds as though the G train will be the one and only subway line to get longer cars. The press release states: Some subway lines are viable candidates for a pilot program due to ridership demand and their station layouts.

A study of fleet and infrastructure availability will be needed for a future pilot program or future car procurement. But why it chosen as a finalist by a panel that included the top MTA leadership officials?

In comments to press, Avedisian drew further faulty comparisons. After 10 months, the MTA is a few million dollars poorer and a real solution to the transit crisis remains a far-off spot on the horizon.

The Genius Competition seemed like a distraction last year and ended as one this year. The good ideas, as told through hundreds of submissions, should be embraced without the pomp and circumstance of a contest; that is, after all, what a well-run agency would do to usher in its future.

It seems to be loaded with problems as you discussed. I am not at all impressed with this so-called genius program. But this is what we get with a governor who insists on not letting the chairman run his own agency.

Again, we have a politician who is only interested in flashiness rather than getting to the roots of the problems. What did that get us?

business plan competition nyc mta

Was there one proposal that was actually utilized? Or just more publicity for the governor whose only interest is becoming President.

So what this program did was have suggestions reviewed by anonymously by a panel so they did not actually know who submitted the suggestion. Submitters received monetary compensation for worthwhile suggestions that saved money.

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Managers were not eligible for monetary compensation only an honor but submitted suggestions anyway. Some departments were very receptive to new ideas and approved many suggestions.

Others were less receptive and approved only a very small percentage of suggestions received. What the program highlighted was that a simple procedural change involving a specific task could save millions annually and the potential for more efficient operations was tremendous.

During the years this program was in operation, many millions of dollars were saved and many employees received great amounts of money.

It was a win-win for all.Early breast cancer detection may soon become easier because of a new handheld ultrasound device that, when developed, will allow women to monitor their breasts at home.

The New York City Transit Authority (also known as NYCTA, The TA or simply Transit, and branded as MTA New York City Transit) is a public authority in the U.S. state of New York that operates public transportation in New York of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the busiest and largest transit system in North America, the NYCTA has a daily ridership of 8 million trips (over.

Paramus, New Jersey boasts one of the largest concentrations of retail space in the United States, with over 6 million square feet of retail clustered around the junctions of routes 4 and At one time or another, there have been no less than six enclosed shopping malls within a few miles of this junction, [ ].

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced eight winners of the MTA Genius Transit Challenge, including two who plan to immediately reinvest their cash awards from the competition and contribute seed money to advance their ideas in conjunction with the MTA.

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