Brief history of disposable diapers by proctor and gamble

The result - Pampers was born. We headed to department stores, supermarkets and drug stores all over with a diaper that helped keep babies dry and parents happy. The only problem was that no one knew exactly where to stock Pampers.

Brief history of disposable diapers by proctor and gamble

History of Best Disposable Diapers Revolution from Past to Present History of Best Disposable Diapers Many people think that disposable diaper has come to us recently and its usage started not so long before.

They are wrong, in fact, the usage of baby diaper dates back to the history of civilization and mankind. To be more precise, it dates back to the history of women.

As a modern man and woman need diapers for their baby, so did Adam and Eve. As to the history of best disposable diapersseveral ancient documents refer that special clothing was used for babies in the early stage of mankind.

At that time, animal skins, milkweed leaf wrap, skin of trees, etc. Many ancient civilizations such as the Romans, Aztecs and the Egyptians documented their daily life activities. In those documentations, there were clear indications of the usage of diapers for babies. People from all walks of life needed it, from the rich man to the beggar.

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In fact, using baby diapers was one of the very first achievement that distinguished humans from animals. From the start of history, in numerous European cultures, babies were wrapped with bands of linen or fabric around each limb and across the body.

It is found from several documents that, in the Elizabethan times, babies got fresh diapers every few days.

Brief history of disposable diapers by proctor and gamble

Several documentations also indicate that the Eskimo people used moss and sealskin as diapers. In some innate American tribes, moms used fresh grass and rabbit skin as baby diapers.

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This was also seen among the South Americans. In the western American area at early days, wet disposable diapers were not washed at all. Rather, they hung it by the fireplace and reused again.

As a result, at those times, skin rash was a regular and consisting problem. When you think of best disposable diapers today, the only thing that comes to your mind is Pampers or Huggies.

Is the diaper soft enough for the delicate skin of the baby? Will it hold enough liquid for a longer amount of time? But do you know how these modern diapers came? What were diapers like 50 or years before?


Were there any diapers at the ancient time? The origin of disposable diapers is not too long ago. Before that, people only used cloth diapers. From the 40s, people came to know about the best disposable diapers.

But at that time, it was a luxury item and only a product of the very rich people. At the Elizabeth times, cloth diapers were used a lot. But they needed to be changed so frequently that it was not economically and environmentally feasible.

Several documentaries show that in ancient times, there were uses of baby diapers. At that time, people used natural resources like Milkweed leaf wrap, bulk of trees, animal skin etc.

The modern diaper we see today really came from Europe and North America during the s. In the late s, babies in the Europe and America started using the originator of the modern disposable diaper. A rectangular piece of linen, stockinet or cotton was folded and held in place using pins.

So the first disposable baby diapers are made with fabrics with a repeated design on them. An American, Maria Allen was the introducer of the foremost bulk made cloth diaper in After having a better idea of bacteria, virus, fungus and other microorganisms and the ways to prevent them, mankind reduced the outbreak of skin rash.

At the early stage of the 20th century era, numerous educated parents used boiling water to wash wet baby diapers and prevent skin diseases.

But boiling a big container of disposable diapers needed much energy and time. Some of the older readers, may still remember how mothers at that time boiled container full of baby diapers and then swung them to get dry. Younger booklovers may have a clear idea by watching old Disney cartoons.Procter & Gamble spearheaded the mass production of disposable diapers by introducing Pampers to households everywhere.

P&G engineer Victor Mills came up with the idea after his grandson was born. Brief history of one of the most valuable companies in the market. Search Search.

Founded by Grandfather Victor Mills

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Brief history of disposable diapers by proctor and gamble

Nivea Document (1) And by creating new brands like the toothpaste “Crest” and the disposable diapers “Pampers”, the company gained world-wide recognition.

In , a P&G researcher, Vic Mills, disliked changing the cloth diapers of his newborn grandchild. So he assigned fellow researchers in P&G’s Exploratory Division in Miami Valley, Ohio to look into the practicality of making a better disposable diaper.

During the s, companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Kendall, Parke-Davis, Playtex, and Molnlycke entered the disposable diaper market, and in , Procter & Gamble began researching disposable diapers.

A Brief History of the Disposable Diaper Find out when Pampers was born, what year “elimination communication” became a fad, and how long it will really take disposable diapers to biodegrade. While some thought father knew best, Vic Mills believed grandfathers knew even more.

This guy (who just happened to work for Procter & Gamble) looked for an easier way for his grandson to wear diapers. The result - Pampers was born.

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