A description of irvings american progeny

IN the daily mass of the Roman Catho- lie Church occurs this stately iu oca tion: Nobis quoque peccatoribus famu- lis tuis, de multitudiuc miserationum tu- arum sperantibus, partem aliquam et so- cietatem donare digueris cum tuis sauctis Apostolis et martyribus: Anastasia, et omnibus sanctisperpetu- ally commemorating among the well-be- loved names of its martyr-saints that of the Roman virgin Cecilia. The story of this saint is told by various authors, with no very noteworthy dis- crepancies between the different versions; and however its fact and legend may be proportioned, it has sufficient of both the beautiful and the marvellous to explain its influence as an inspiration in connec- tion with music and the other arts.

A description of irvings american progeny


Why, then, do we have this needless dichotomy between something to "spend" versus something to "save? In my early post to Holtzman, I said: The separation is always inevitable You will also find there your significant part in the discussion that followed, along with that of ORO, Trail Guide, and many others.

There will be seven new bills and eight new coins. And with the bill denominations ranging from 5 euros to euros, they will be a new experience for people in some countries such as Italy, where everyday transactions are counted out in thousands. The explicit aim is to familiarize the public at large.

A description of irvings american progeny

Is the dollar starting to feel the pressure? Ahhh, something for nothing, the three magic words always in vogue. Even in good times, nation wide, garage and yard sales occur by the millions.

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These sales occur because a very large percentage of the American people own so many possessions, that many of them, purchased on impulse in time of plenty and although still in great condition and useful, are sold at "junk" prices when money is no longer so plentiful.

Much of this "junk" was purchased on credit at 18 to 22 percent interest, and was purchased because the price, shorn of inflation, screamed "bargain.

Because of governmental manipulation of inflation information, those of us actively involved in the production of goods and services have not demanded that OUR wages consistantly reflect the true cost of infltation. We are thus staring Leviathan squarely in the eye with no means of feeding him, and no hope of controlling him.

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So while there is plenty of currency or credits in existance, just as in the 30's it is in the wrong hands. It is very unlikely that the current inflation of the money supply will translate as added income in direct proportion, or within the time frame necessary to keep pace with the escalating cost of living, let alone the debt service.


Unless a means is devised to get the purchasing power out of cyber space and off spread sheets, and into the hands of the working class people immediately, pandemonium will reign supreme.

Trickle down economics was a disaster in the s and 30s and should have been seen for what it was, a recipe for more of the same. The idea that if you over fill the hog trough and allow the chickens to consume that which the hogs manage to spill, works only when the hogs are few in number, very sloppy eaters, and the chicken population remains static.

When the hogs get greedy and efficient, the hungry chickens first quit laying, and then peacefully die. Not so with people. While they will quit working, the only peace to be enjoyed will be that eventually enjoyed by the survivors.

Taking Peter Ashers rocket example one step further, when sufficient pressure may be released and directed, the engine completes the job for which it was created, if however the vent is insufficient to release the mounting pressure, it is transformed from a rocket to a bomb, releasing uncontrolled energy in every direction.A description of the nature of this important article of commerce, and the method of preparing it, may prove of some interest to my readers, and I can find no more .

Having said this I was astounded to read a comment by an American [Cindy Cooke] who seems to be excusing and trying to downplay the behavior of this convicted arrogant man.

The recent entry into these sordid goings on by the Irvings will be short lived.

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