1 what is gap inc s segmentation strategy what is unique about their market segmentation strategy

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1 what is gap inc s segmentation strategy what is unique about their market segmentation strategy

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1 what is gap inc s segmentation strategy what is unique about their market segmentation strategy

It is located in San Francisco, California. Gap Inc has five prime brands? Gap Inc uses all the four types of segmentation strategies in order to segment its brands in a competitive manner.

These are as follow: Gap Inc uses geographic strategy to segment the market on the basis of location, city, state, region and country.

Gap Inc uses segment the market on the basis of demographic variables like gender, occupation, family size, religion and race. For example, the marketing strategy of this company is to cater the unmet needs of the people of teenage in terms of apparels and accessories. Gap Inc uses this segmentation strategy to market its brands according to the taste as well as preferences of the key customers.

This segmentation strategy assists Gap Inc to select the target market according to their psychology, which further helps this company to group the customers in a more promising manner. Apart from this, segmentation of the market on the basis of psychological attribute also assists Gap Inc to develop its marketing strategy by implementing emotional appeal Gap Gap Inc uses strategy to segment the market on the basis of the occasions, benefits and user rate.

This market strategy is not used in a frequent manner by the company. Old Navy brand of the company comes in the category of first level of hierarchy, which is the basic need for example the price of this brand are set according to the income level of the medium family persons.

This brand is lower priced and caters the needs of family clothing. Old Navy offers trendy and stylish clothes at the affordable price. Gap, which is another brand of this company, also meets the needs of the people by offering the clothes of latest fashion and trend at reasonable prices Gap Gap includes casual and active clothes, which attracts the people and assists them to show their professionalism as well as flair.

Gap is recognized by the customers as the most apt option for the t-shirts and denim. The designing of this brand reflects ten iconic style of America.

It caters to the people of all age, which establish this brand as the lucrative brand. Next to basic needs, there is esteem need in the hierarchy, which is fulfilled by the Banyan Republic brand. This brand offers casual clothes and lofty collections of personal care, shoes and accessories Case Study: Gap brand of the company uses undifferentiated strategy of marketing.

The company also uses concentrated marketing strategy for its Banana republic. Gap fulfills all the requirements of the wardrobe of the customers. Banana republic gives a luxurious image to its customer by offering quality apparels.

For the Gap brand, the approach of mass marketing is used by the company David Answer 2 Differentiation strategy of Gap Inc Gap Inc uses differentiation strategy to market its brands by adopting the distinct approaches and marketing tools more effectively than its counterparts.

The company offers mainly four brands like Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap and Piperlime to meet the different needs and expectations of the people.

The marketing strategy of Gap Inc is based on the psychographic segmentation, which is developed on the basis of age, gender, income and personal attributes. This marketing strategy assists the company to differentiate its brand from its competitors.

The marketing strategy of the company is developed to offer different products under single brand name; for example the Gap brand of the company offers GapKids, babyGap, GapMaternity and gapbody.

Gap is recognized as cultural icon by the people due to its creative attributes like style, breezy and confident appearance. The differentiation in the products of Gap brand is made on the basis of age factor of the people, which assists it to cater the needs of different age people in a triumphant manner.

Price is also a differentiation factor for the marketing strategy used by Gap Inc to market its different brands. Gap is known for its stylish look and quality clothes, which are set at the moderate price. The price of this brand falls between the price category of Old Navy and Banana Republic.The Gap in Market Segmentation What is the point of market segmentation?

Really, what is the point? The culture of Gap, Inc is governed by their key values: Advertising, This will be done by highlighting the social influences that influence the Gap, Inc. marketing strategy, segmentation strategies with respect to distinct retail.

2. once a person fulfills one needs. adults.’s segmentation strategy catered to men. diverse brand portfolio according to segmentation strategy will provide a great opportunity for the target customers to remain loyalty because its brands are able to fulfill different level of needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy.

Gap. 4/4(4). Gap Inc. should supply and market their products, where they have the required demand for them. They should set up their base in the markets where there is a demand for the high quality goods, and should also keep in consideration the fact that these markets should be where the supply of raw materials for their product is easier.

ch # 7 Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. STUDY. segmentation for unique needs. Gap analysis compares brands based on the importance and performance of their differentiating features and benefits.A gap analysis shows how customers perceive each of the brand's features and benefits as they a spread across the four quadrants.

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Gap Inc. has mastered their impressively accurate niche marketing concept. What is niche marketing? According to Brandchannel’s glossary, Niche Marketing is marketing adapted to the needs, wishes and expectations of small, precisely defined groups of individuals.

Marketing Management - GAP Inc. 1. What is Gap Inc.'s segmentation strategy? What is unique about their market segmentation strategy? ( words) - Explain GAP uses segmentation strategies i.e.

geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation, behavioural segmentation.

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